At Fuel Your Mission, we are dedicated to providing you with the rocket power you need to make positive life changes, starting with you’re your career. We all have a job, and we all need one. But, statistically, most of us resent our work. It leaves us flat, unmotivated, unchallenged, and hopelessly seeking more. Sadly, the majority of us resort to accepting this fate. Accepting the fact that we were meant to be miserable each and every day, hoping luck strikes and we move on to another job, which quickly becomes like the last. Sound familiar? Life wasn’t meant to be this way, and we don’t have to follow the status quo.


Where It Began

Hi, this is Chris Johnson, and my story began much the same way, until finally I decided to do something about it. In the summer of 2013, I found myself very unsettled with work. I was your stereotypical young professional, and spent my first six years after college grinding through corporate jobs, working hard, striving for that next promotion, and following the “right path”. I hustled relentlessly, received a few awards here and there at work, and finished grad school, hoping it would all lend more opportunity. But it all ended with the same result: emptiness and frustration each day after work. With time, I found myself continuously searching for more. More responsibility. More challenges. More opportunity. More with my life!

I started to contemplate quitting my job. To leave behind the security of a corporate desk job, with all of its comforts, was a crazy huge risk. Only it didn’t seem quite as bad to me, I guess. I was sure that spending the next 35 years, sitting at a job I didn’t like, sounded painful; a risk far worse than the former. So I moved on.

The result, a couple years later, is still very much a work in progress, but I wouldn’t change anything. I enjoy what I do each and every day, and feel a satisfaction and challenge of pursuing a something new. I firmly believe our day-to-day work is about the journey, not the end result at retirement.

As I share my story, I must mention that making these decisions was hard work. I poured time into the process. I read, studied, and prayed, and talked to many valuable resources – and then repeated that over and over again. I needed to have a plan, otherwise I could not make smart decisions. I started Fuel Your Mission in 2015, with this one concept in mind: to provide others with tools and resources to help guide them with their career decision-making. I’ve seen it work directly in my life and those around me, and I want to share it!


Your Pursuit

Fuel Your Mission was born from a passion – to uncover the truth that there is a choice. We don’t have to accept the boredom of our jobs. We just need to know where to look and how to find opportunity. As we get started, this site will become a home for great content, valuable resources, free materials, and so much more. I hope you’ll explore further, and find that our passion is helping you find yours!